Since 2003 My Pools has started its works and activities in swimming pools field. it has gained the trust of it’s  customers through it’s consulting engineers ,who are considered to be consulting engineers for these ministries in Egypt  : Ministry of the Interior, ministry of defense and the Air forces.

As a result of this trust my pools has achieved so many Olympic and half-Olympic swimming pools across the A.R.E , which was built for many African and world champions, these swimming pools considered to be a proof that we r the qualified company to build such number of swimming pools with special standards and specifications .

For honesty my pools assure for it’s costumers the “ After building- up “ service.

Now the company is working on building the biggest group of swimming pools across the A.R.E. in Al-Obour city – golf city , which has an Olympic swimming pools ,a path , a half-covered swimming pool , and a swimming pool for kids.

Although there are many companies in this field, but we are at  the top . Therefore My pools has been honored and by the ministry of interior and the air forces for accomplishing it’s working with high quality.

The company is also giving it’s workers courses in order to improve themselves on how to deal with swimming pools.

We are honored to represent our services :

  • Build , design , supply and install Electromechanical equipment for swimming pools.
  • Regular maintenance of swimming pools .
  • Implementation of swimming pools (integrated works) .
  • Specialized in insulation works for swimming pools with chemical & cement materials & repairing existing swimming pools with leakage defects .
  • Supply and installation of hydroelectric appliances for swimming pools produced by Hayward Company .
  • Integrated heating workers (heated swimming pools – hot water supply – heating) using heaters, electricity, Gas and diesel .
  • Integrated works for industrial lakes .
  • Fountains and Waterfalls .
  • Jacuzzis, massage chairs, saunas and steam rooms .



1- CLUBS :

Al –  Abbasiyah Skimmer 6000 M3 Police Academy 1
City of  El-boaouth Skimmer 8000 M3 Police Sports Federation 2
Tura Skimmer 725 M3 Institute of Police Secretaries 3
El –  Suez Skimmer 400 M3 The 10th of Ramadan Muharbi Association 4
Nasr City operating maintenance 9000 M3 Cairo International Stadium 5
Al – Zayton Skimmer 500 M3 Saray El Koba Youth Center 6
Al – Sayda Zeinab Skimmer 250 M3 Imam Al – Tounsi Youth Center 7
Al – Obour Skimmer 4000 M3 Al – Obour Youth Center 8
Al – Sayda Zeinab Skimmer 4300 M3 Zainham Youth Center 9
Al –  Abbasiyah Skimmer 700 M3 AL – Waily Youth Center 10
Heliopolis Over flow 5025 M3 Shams Sports Club 11
Alexandria Supply _____ Smouha Club 12
Al – Mokattam Skimmer 700 M3 Journalists Club 13
Al – Shrouk Skimmer 225 M3 AL – rabwah Club 14
Madinaty Supply & Install ceramic _____ Madinaty Club 15
Heliopolis Skimmer 6000 M3 Forest Club 16
Al –  Agouza Skimmer 800 M3 Al – Zamalek Club 17
Al –  Dokki operating maintenance 5000 M3 Egyptian Hunting Club 18
Al – Shrouk Over flow 2200 M3 Al – Shrouk Club 18
Egypt Alexandria Road Skimmer 650 M3   19
Nasr City Supply _____ Al – Zhour Club 20
Al – Rehab Supply _____ Al – Rehab Club 21
Al – Obour Over flow &  Skimmer 12000 M3 City Club Al –  Obour 22
Mansoura Skimmer 3500 M3 Mansoura Stadium Club 23
Al  Monoufia Skimmer 900 M3 Republic Club (Shebin El Koum) 24