My Pools doing all kinds of chemical insulation, which begins stages of the insulation on the body outside of the swimming pool on the cement bricks which is the first place to protect against all types of infusion and before the process of developing rebar and pour concrete and is considered defenseless By coil Membrane Alanthomat 4 mm produced by Sika Egypt Company insulation of the finest in the world and is characterized by cheap price and high quality.

After drilling and pouring concrete, set up regular cement bricks and insulation Blvaiv Alanthomat The company carries out Altkhchib, carpentry work and the guys occasion to keep the side walls of the pool and in preparation for pouring concrete.
And which is developing the specifications required engineers from the company specialized in the works of concrete, as the company can carry out all actions and specifications required by the client and after the approval of an advisory by the Office and presented to our company and this is in the interest of the customer make the most of business implementation to benefit Al according to the origins of industry and aesthetics at the end it

The second phase of the insulation works made after the completion of the brushes rebar and work feeding network and the lid and pour concrete, is concrete processing and settlement company and start isolating flesh Masbahh chemotherapy and that product Sharkey Sika Egypt and all that can be said is received water this Almenth where he insulator very strong Water this phase but also balancing tank,
The company also after the completion of the insulation business establish a test of an insulator and then fill the water inside the swimming pool and the legacy of a certain note that there was a leak of either not therefore are giving the warranty period on the insulation for a long time for confidence in its product user Mhendesha who work on the application of the assets of the industry in all their actions

There are many types of types of insulation, which vary the work itself requirements, there are insulation materials Epoxy paints also given the same colors and shapes required by the customer in terms of raw material, texture, shape and efficiency are regarded as epoxy materials from liquid materials composed of fibers prevent the diversion of water and does not allow the fired Bnfve water to the concrete and also Dressing can be used after operations and clamshell but painted earlier material to smooth surfaces and then paint them directly as a deadline for the roofs of varying colors chosen by the customer.